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Our Home

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mesa Regal RV Resort

We have completed our first week of workamping and it will be good. Mikki, our coordinator, says it will get quite busy the weeks before Christmas and New Year’s but we can handle it. The team gets together every Thursday after work to have a drink or two and get to know each other better. Sarah and I worked Weds, Thurs and Fri last week and scheduled for the same this week. We will work 4 hours each afternoon.

Last Monday as I stated in my last blog we moved the camper into a good site. Here are a couple of pictures:

IMG_9084This is our site. We are backed up to University Ave, a fairly busy street, but the noise is not bad and it doesn’t seem to bother us.

IMG_9085It was a straight back in from the street, I loved it.

IMG_9087The row we are on has all campers at this end. We are on what they call pet row because it is one of the streets pets are allowed to walk on. If you have a pet and live on a street not designated for pets you have to carry the pet to a street where you can let them walk.

I will put more pictures at the end of the blog.

Our job is with the d├ęcor team, we manage, maintain, deliver and pick up the props and costumes for parties and events at the nice resorts. It isn’t difficult work but they do keep you hopping. Sarah and Teresa have been working on organizing etc. the costumes. All of our items are kept in old park models which have been gutted and we use them for storage until the park wants to get rid of them, then we move everything to a new storage unit. I have been driving the truck with Steve and we have moved water bottles, props, cabinets etc. taken out of a unit and other misc. items needing picked up and moved. Mikki is a delight to work for and does a good job of keeping everything going in the right direction.

Last Friday, Veteran’s Day, Sarah and I went to Applebee’s with Steve and Teresa, one of the other workamper couples we work with and had a free dinner. It was a good time. We had to wait about forty five minutes but I got to visit with some other veterans waiting in line and that was fun too.

Not much going on over the weekend except for Sunday night. Nikki Becker Albert use to work with me at Ruan in Madison, WI, she lives here in Tempe, AZ and so we met them for dinner last night. Nikki & Jack’s daughter Meredith is in first grade and reminds us a lot of grandson Mason. She is a bundle of energy and smart as a whip. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with them and hope to see them again before we leave.

Today, Monday, we went to the post office, Wal Mart and drove around a bit to get our bearings. This afternoon we walked to the entrance of the park, about a mile, because I wanted to get some pictures to put in the blog. So here they are;

IMG_9089Looking down the street from the front of our camper.

IMG_9090This is one of two heated swimming pools.IMG_9091This building contains, among other things, a library and laundry facility.IMG_9092Bocce ball courts and a patio area where groups can have parties or just an informal get together.

IMG_9093Shuffle board and tennis courts.

IMG_9094Looking out the front entrance.

IMG_9095This is the main entrance and sign you first see as you approach the resort.

IMG_9096Looking down the main street from the sign, American and Canadian flags line the street.

IMG_9097Cal-Am also sells park models if you want a new one, although there are quite a few used ones for sale in the park. Our neighbors have a forty foot motor home and they bought a park model which was for sale by owner.

IMG_9098I had to take this picture of this beautiful woman crossing the street.

IMG_9101IMG_9102IMG_9103IMG_9104IMG_9105IMG_9106IMG_9107IMG_9108IMG_9109The landscaping is taken care of by volunteers who don’t get paid but they do get their site free just like we do.

IMG_9110This is the area where you have the mail boxes and some offices.IMG_9112IMG_9113The Cactus Ranch House Grill, it is also the bar area, plus the other heated pool is here.

IMG_9114They post all of the events for the month on this wall buy category.

IMG_9115Looking down one of the streets.

IMG_9116This is a typical park model, about 400 sq. ft..

IMG_9117This is what I was trying to back the camper into. The problem was the site was only a bit wider than the camper and I couldn’t jack knife the truck and trailer enough to get it to go in straight and then have room to straighten out the truck. Our current site is much better.

Well that does it for this blog. I will try to have more for next week but we’ll see.

Dreams Do Come True


Anonymous said...

That looks like a really nice place! We booked our trip for March and we fly into the Mesa airport direct from Outagamie Co. Airport.

Jessica and Harry said...

LOL I just have to ask this question - what do you do if your pet is too big to carry to a pet street?? :)) (I have two cats so it's a nonissue for me, but it just popped into my mind when I read your blog.)