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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Changes In Our Plans

It finally stopped raining last wee about Thursday and cleared up so we had a great weekend. The weekend was made even better by the fact it was Emily’s fourth birthday and we had to be there for it. We had a great time being there and watching Emily ride her new bicycle, she does pretty well with it. It was fun to watch her open her gifts and see the expression on her face when it was clothes and not toys, I believe we all did that at one time or other in our lives. Our great nephew Rusty went with us and he brought some sidewalk chalk with him so he showed the girls how to draw pictures in the driveway. All in all it was a great time.

Sunday was a beautiful day, light winds, sunshine, blue skies; it was the perfect summer day. Orren and Norma Cairo, friends of mine for forty years, came out and we grilled and had a great visit. It was the first time they had seen the camper and they thought it was nice. We sat outside most of the time except when we ate; we did that inside the camper, but with the breeze and the awning being down it was very comfortable.

Monday I had my annual physical at the VA and all went pretty well. Some numbers were up by a point or two but nothing to worry about according to the doctor, except for my blood pressure, it is up a bit so I have a blood pressure monitor so I can take my own blood pressure a couple times per week. I believe it to be up due to my retiring and all the other things going on now. Anyway, I will monitor it and if it continues to rise or goes off the chart I will call the doctor and get something for it.

Yesterday it was back to work we had five tours scheduled but only had to give three, they combined three into one when not everyone showed up for it. Then about 1:30 Sarah calls me and tells me she fell at work and that her foot was hurting and she was going to the doctor to have it checked. Luckily it was her left foot because she had the car and could drive herself to the doctor. She was able to get in and they took an x-ray and found she had broken a bone on outside of the side of her left foot. The doctor gave her a prescription for a boot so she came and picked me up and we went to get it. The foot was swelling, which was to be expected, so we iced it all night and she kept it elevated. Now she has to she the company doctor to see what they advise. Sarah’s doctor said it could heal on it’s own in about 8 wks or with surgery 6wks. We’ll see what gives, I believe we should go a couple of weeks and she how it is doing and then decide if it will require surgery.

So today I had to make some adjustments to our plans. I hope we can stay where we are now without moving for another month or so, if we can’t I am not sure what we will do because we have the holiday weekend coming up. I canceled the KOA reservations in Omaha, but I will still take the camper to the factory on the 1st but instead of staying the night in Omaha I will drive straight through to Smith Center. Most likely now instead of taking the camper to Wisconsin we will drive up and stay in a motel, unless Sarah gets a release by mid September. We’ll see, I guess this is the nice thing about retirement you have choices to make but none of them have to be etched in stone.

Going to the Iowa State Fair is out, Sarah couldn’t do the walking and trying to get around in the crowd would not be very easy either, so we will stay away for this year. I have a few things I can do at the camper so we will just enjoy the weekend.

Dreams Do Come True  -  but sometimes not the way we totally want them to be.

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Janie and John said...

So sorry about Sara's injury. I agree giving it a little time before deciding is a good idea. Just wondering what work you are having done at the factory. We are taking ours to the dealer a week from Monday (just after we retire, for a bunch of little things hopefully nothing will require a trip to Smith Center. Johns BP is also up a little I think it will go down significantly once we get all the details done and are actually retired. At least I hope so. Our retire date is next week - August 27th, it has come up awfully fast. Here's to dreams coming true!!!