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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Update 10/1/2015

Yesterday I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Now I don’t like going to the dentist and I don’t like getting my teeth clean, but now it is a necessity of life for me. So I get to the office and check in. The VA have kiosk where you check in and it gives you a printed receipt for the visit, on mine it said STUDENT. Now I know I am no longer a student, except of life, so I decided my dental person was a student. I ask, she said she was and I figured my life was over.

We get to the torture room, I mean, yeah torture room, and I proceed to tell her how much I do not tolerate dental pain. I told her since she was the only dental person in the room, she get hit if I have any pain.

So she says she will numb the area and sticks a cue tip in the back of my mouth. I forget to tell you, I am having a deep cleaning on the lower right quarter and IT IS BEING DONE BY A STUDENT, there is an instructor who checks the work and is there for questions. Anyway this young lady thinks she is going to fool me by hiding the syringe with Novocain in it behind her back until the last minute but I saw it and it wasn’t pretty. She actually did a pretty good job of giving the shot. It did deadened most of the teeth she worked on, didn’t quite make it all the way to the front but I didn’t hit anyone.

Today I had my first chemo of this go around. I take a Dexamethasone pill, four actually, the day before, the day of and the day after chemo. These are a steroid to keep the feet from swollen. Well let me tell you they may keep my feet from swelling but you are wide awake because they won’t let you sleep. I told the nurse that this morning at chemo and she said it would be that way for the three nights I take the pills. I probably won’t wake up until Tuesday when I go to sleep Sunday night.

Chemo went well, no nausea yet but we’ll see. We were there about two and a half hours, not bad. I did get breakfast, cheese omelet, hash browns and bacon but not toast, don’t know what happened there.

Bit chilly here, 46 when we woke up, high of 61 or so, I guess fall is here.

Not much else is going on as you can see. Most anything I do now for the next month or so will all be medical and I doubt many of you want to hear about those exploits so I probably not write anything for a while unless it is out of the ordinary.

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Myrddin said...

Aw, don't quit posting just because of a few medical treatments. In fact, you may find out that there's lots of friends and family out there that want to know how you're doing and how the treatments are going.

For the year and a half that Linda was going through her chemo and radiation treatments, we had quite a few readers who followed along. Some of the comments we received were very kind and comforting.

Good luck!!

Jim and Linda