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Monday, September 28, 2015

Update 09/28/2015

I am doing well with the tooth situation. I haven’t had any pain or other problems, went back last Friday and the dentist said it all looked good. So other than a cleaning this Wednesday I don’t go back until March and then they do something with the implant and we go from there.

Last Tuesday I went in for my regular oncology visit. My PSA has been rising but last week it was above eight so the doctor order a CT scan and bone scan. I had been having pain in my back and he wants to rule out bone cancer. Well today they called and he wanted to know if I could get down to see him this afternoon. We had hoped the no news is good news adage would apply here but no such luck.

Two lymph nodes in my stomach had increased some in size and he said we could wait for three months and see what they looked like then or we could begin a chemo treatment right away, a different drug. So Thursday I begin treatment, Thursday every three weeks, should take 2-3 hours. Side effects will be similar to the last treatment and my hair was just beginning to look good. According to the doctor the drug they are going to use Docetaxel has been very effective in the treatment of prostate cancer. So we will see where it takes us.

So our plans to go south in January are out the window, we’ll see if we can make it somewhere in February or March.

I feel truly blessed to be given these chances at having these treatments, I would rather not be going through any of it but I am very thankful I am at this VA Hospital, they are very good at what they do.

So unless something earth shattering comes out of the bone scan I probably won’t write for a while, I’ll wait to see if anything interesting happens.

Please keep me in your prayers and send me lots of positive thoughts, I know they all help.


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