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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Update 7/17/14

I have some folks asking me what stage of cancer I have, I have stage four prostate cancer. I asked the doctor how they know the stage and he said because it has spread to the lymph nodes it is stage four. Ok, I know what I have to do and that is whatever the doctors tell me to do.

I have not had to bad of a time with the chemo, I had it two weeks ago, I did not get sick, they gave me medicine for that, and the only side effects was being tired and constipated, which I believe is just part of getting old also. I did have a pain in my side which we believe may be a lymph node or muscle strain. The other side effect which is of more concern is the neuropathy in my hands and left arm. Sarah had this when she had her chemo, she also had very sensitive finger tips, I don’t have that as of yet. Then there is the metallic taste I have in my mouth and some foods don’t really taste and smell all that good, but I eat what does taste and smell good and that keeps me going. All in all the first round of chemo wasn’t too bad, I start a second round next Tuesday for three days and we’ll see how that one will affect me.

The last couple days have been good, so Sarah and I went shopping. Tuesday we went to find comforters for the beds, found some on sale at Younkers. Of course when we got home one did not look right on the bed so we took it back yesterday and found the right one. The all looked good to me but Sarah didn’t like the one but now likes the one she exchanged it for.

I found a rv dealer who will sell the camper on consignment, I know I will take a beating on this but I don’t want the camper sitting around, someone should be enjoying it. I just have to get it to the dealer which I should be able to do tomorrow or the next day. The truck I will sell on my own after the trailer has been sold.

We have had a few visitors over the last couple weeks, Carl & Merilee surprised us one Sunday night by stopping on their way to Iowa City, they spent the night and headed out the next day. Merilee spent last night with us on her way to Mitchell, SD, her and Carl bought a house there to be close to Amy and the grandkids.

Mark and Sharon are due here from Rapid City, SD on their way home to Burlington. They will spend two nights with us, we are looking forward to seeing them.

Larry & Kathy were here a few weeks ago, she helped put the shade in the half moon window we have in the living room, it sure helped with keeping the light out at night.

It is always good to have company so if anyone is in the area call, we would love to see you. Please don’t take offense if I tell you I am not up to seeing anyone at that time because there are days when I don’t want any one around, most days are ok but there are a few when I don’t want company.

Nothing more has been going on, that I can think of right now so I’ll end this and post another entry after this next round of chemo.


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