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Our Home

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Smith Center, KS

We are at the Excel Service Center to have the technicians fix a couple of minor things on the camper. Hopefully they will be able to do it all tomorrow and we can get back on the road Thursday.

Coming over today we had a 20-30 mph head wind and the truck was struggling, no power and blowing black smoke at times. So either the wind was tough on it or we have a problem with the truck. We will see what happens Thursday.

We left the Kansas City area this morning, we had a great time there.

Last Weds we met Lindsay & Vince and their baby Sophie. I held Sophie for a long time and she didn’t complain a bit, she has good taste in men. It was great to see Lindsay & Vince also but Sophie was the center of attention. Hopefully we won’t wait until she is a teenager to see her again.

We spent lots of time with Steve, Lynne and the kids, watched a movie with Nick, Pacific something, it had great computer animation in it. I may have to watch it again.

Lost out on seeing Zach perform in the band at a football game due to rain, darn. I promise Zach sometime before you graduate from HS we will make an effort to attend one of your events.

We had a great visit in Kansas City with everyone. Now it is on the road and hopefully we will make it to Mesa without any further truck problems, I hope it is dirty injectors, I put some cleaner in the fuel so we will see if that does any good.

Till later,

Dreams Do Come True


Jane Dean said...

Hope its nothing serious with the truck.

Ken and Sarah Hoenig said...

A couple injectors and two or three other things. We should get it back today, hopefully it will be in better condition than before.