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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Santa Rosa RV Park, Santa Rosa, NM

We are in Santa Rosa, NM, we have been here before on our first trip to Mesa we stayed here. It is a nice campground, I don’t believe I would want to spend the winter here but for a couple days it is nice. One of the few parks we have been at where the Wi-Fi is very good.

As I said in my last blog the truck was having some problems. The sound of the engine change to a high pitch and black smoke was coming out of the exhaust. The biggest change was it had no power.

We called the Ford dealer in Salina, KS and they said they could get it in on Thursday, so we left Smith Center about three and arrived at the Salina KOA about six. First thing Thursday we dropped the truck off at the Ford dealer, they called about noon and said it had dropped two injectors, the emission control valve and a couple other things needed replacing. Of course I told them to fix it, about two thousand in repair cost. Fortunately we have an engine warranty on it, so it picked up almost fifteen hundred of the cost. I was happy about that.

We left Salina, yesterday morning and headed down Hwy 135 to KS 61 to Hwy 54 and into Guymon, OK, getting there about two thirty. We got all set up then went to Wal-Mart and put fuel in the truck. Then church and put gas in the car. It was 34 degrees this morning but we got out of Guymon at eight forty-five this morning and arrived here in Santa Rosa, NM about one thirty mountain time.

Tomorrow we are heading south on Hwy 54 to Hwy 70 through Las Cruces, NM and interstate 10 into Deming to stay tomorrow night. Tuesday into Tucson for the night to see Debbie Baker and Wednesday into Mesa on Weds.

So far it has been an interesting and trying trip at times, but enjoyable.

Now I have to apologize for not remembering to mention having dinner with Merilee, we got to see her a couple different times and as always had a good time with her.

Sarah is doing a great job of following me in the car, I do miss her riding with me but I know we will enjoy having the car with us in AZ.

When we were in Salina I was sitting in the camper and noticed a Alfa motorhome pulling a trailer go past us on its way to a site. When we got our site at Guymon I noticed a Alfa motorhome with a trailer and then this morning as they were leaving I waved to them. We left within a few minutes of them. We stopped at a Flying J at Tucumcari, NM for a break. When we came out of the building a guy was standing there smoking and asked me if I was driving the fifth wheel, I said yes. Long story short, it was the same Alfa we saw in Salina and Guymon. They are now parked here in Santa Rosa RV Park the same as we are. Ron & Ramona started there adventure this year, they are nice people. Sarah & I wish them safe travels and hope to see them again down the road.

Till Later – Dreams Do Come True

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