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Monday, September 30, 2013

Time to Say Good-Bye

Before I forget Emily, Isabel and Eli got a cat, well a kitten really, if it lives to be a cat it will be because of its ability to find hiding places. Have you ever seen kids carrying a cat. It is draped over their arm and looks like it will be squeezed to death. The kids seem to like it so I guess it will be ok. Emily does clean the litter box so that is a plus.

Well we didn’t buy a motor home last week in our trip to Lincoln but we did find one we liked a lot. It was new so now I have to find a used one with similar floor plan and one we can afford.

Sarah had a tooth bothering her, she just had them cleaned earlier in the month, the dentist put something on the tooth and said it would be fine. The best part is there was no charge. I guess I will have to go to them for my dental work, that is as long as they give me the happy gas, I have to have the gas or I can’t do it, I tell them up front I am a BIG BABY when it comes to the dentist.

We met our realtor Bob Pew and his wife Laurie at Paradise Bakery for lunch on Thursday. They are great people, I have some concerns about the closing on the house when we are gone but he says not to worry, it a can be done. I believe him.

Friday was spent with the kids at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch, http://www.valaspumpkinpatch.com/, this is the third or fourth year we have gone, the kids like it so it is an annual event.

Saturday no soccer but Marie & Daniel took part in a church sponsored event to help the poor in downtown Omaha, so we babysat the kids with Eddy & Elia. It was a “Convoy of Hope” event, they are “one of the world's finest disaster relief organizations, we will provide groceries, shoes, haircuts, a health fair, family portraits, live entertainment, lunch and prayer to thousands of neighbors”. There were people standing in line, in the rain, at 7:30 am and the event didn’t start until 10 am. This just goes to show even though the government has said for years they are taking care of the poor, it doesn’t seem like they are doing a very good job of it.

Sunday was a afternoon full of softball. Isabel had a game at 12:50 pm, followed by Emily’s double hitter. We finished about 4:45, what a great time watching the little ones play softball.

We were all invited over to Marie’s parents home, Eddy & Elia, for dinner. What great parents, the food was great and before long it was time to say good-bye. I hope we will see them when we drive back to Omaha on Oct 11 for Sarah to attend a day long session of classes on the 12th to be able to renew her beautician’s license.

Today I have removed the branches from the top of the slides, aired up the tires, and dumped the black tank. I did find out I have a problem with my air compressor, it leaks air when it gets to 100# of pressure, so I have something amiss with the compressor. I may wait until we get to AZ to get it fixed, we’ll see.

We finally made it to Gerda’s German restaurant. Last Wednesday we went to Gerda's with Ernie & Shirley’s and it was great.  We each had something different and for dessert I had German Chocolate cake, it was absolutely fantastic. So I guess the third time is a charm.

Tomorrow we leave for Griff’s RV park and we will be there until the 15th.

So until later – Dreams Do Come True.

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Annie's Adventures said...

Good luck with truck. We had a problem after trying to tow through the Appalachian Mountains and the truck died in front of an Aamco Transmission place. Like them or not we had the work done there. They called with the repair bill today of $3500. Made us kind of sick to our stomachs. The good thing is we are at Myrtle Beach State Park and the park personnel have taken good care of us until we can get the truck back. They even had a camphost move us to an empty full hook-up site.