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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Last Days in Gretna

I have been told that I have not posted a blog for a while, in fact I thought I had, but in checking it appears I have been remiss in my blogging duties. So here goes a catch up of sorts.

We have been to the soccer games for all three grandkids, Emily, Isabel and Eli. They aren’t actually games as instructional sessions to learn how to play soccer. I especially like to watch Eli, at three he is a hoot to watch. He’ll stand around and watch the other kids and then all of a sudden he is doing everything the other kids are doing. I guess he wants to make sure he gets it correct. Isabel is like a gazelle; she can outrun her older sister and holds her own in the soccer arena once she gets going. Emily is going to be tall, she is skinny as a rail and I believe will be quite a bit taller than Marie. Se we spend Saturday mornings at soccer and most of Sundays at softball.

Eli isn’t playing softball yet he just walks around eating apple slices his grandmother Elia brings for him. Emily and Isabel play, they are on different teams, because of age, and they plan at different times, all games are on Sunday, so it is a day of softball. I get a kick out of watching them; there are times they are very attentive to what is going on in the game and other times when they aren’t paying any attention at all. Of course, this is true with most of the members of both teams. I remember coaching this age for one year only, I didn’t have the patience with the kids. So I am a good spectator, just as at Mason and Madyson’s games I don’t yell any more. I figure I embarrassed their dads so I can be quiet now.

I know most of you don’t want to hear about our eating out but I am going to tell you anyway.

Saturday, the seventh, we went John & Cyndi Cline’s house and then over to Leach RV and Camping World. I believe I have mentioned we are looking at motor homes to see if we want to move into one of them. Anyway, Leach RV was having an open house with free hotdogs, who can say no to free hotdogs? I offered to buy but John wouldn’t see it so he bought. I didn’t argue I was getting a free meal, life is good isn’t it.

Even though we didn’t find an RV we wanted to buy we had a great time with John and Cyndi.

I had my annual physical at the VA here in Omaha; I transferred my records to the VA here from Des Moines. I got a clean bill of health, other than the annual reminder to lose weight. I keep trying and I would lose weight if it wasn’t for food.

Tuesday, the 10th, we met our realtor, Bob Pew, at the townhome builder’s model home and had a visit with the builder’s agent. Long story short our place won’t be finished until at least December. Oh well, at least we have a place to stay.

We went out to eat with my aunt and uncle, Ernie and Shirley Ertz, we wanted to go to Greda’s German restaurant, we had gone there to eat on our last visit and the place was closed so we figured we would try again. I checked their website for their times etc and knew they should be open. We get there and pull up in front and there is a sign on the door saying On Vacation, Gone Fishing. I hadn’t thought of that, should have called first. Oh well, we found another place to eat and then had desert at Whitefield’s, it is a bakery/restaurant, the bakery items are out of this world. We are going to try the German place one more time before we leave next week.

We met Rusty Cain, great nephew, for lunch at Whole Foods store. The food was very good, a little expensive but good. I did try to find Russ & Frank’s BBQ sauce but they didn’t have any on the shelf. So I asked a couple of guys working there about it and they said we have ordered it but haven’t received the product, so maybe they will have it in the near future. (Russ, I will need to get a mild and medium when we see you in a week or so.)

Saturday was Eli’s third birthday so he had a nice party with cake and ice cream. I don’t know how many were at his party but there were a bunch of kids. We had a lot of fun.

Today, Cyndi and John picked us up and we went to Leach RV in Lincoln to look at motor homes. They have a nice inventory; of course, we were looking at new ones. We found a Georgetown, 2013, with a floor plan we both liked but the price was more than we want to pay, so now I will see if that floor plan is in older units. We had lunch and then went looking for the Licorice International store in the Haymarket area of Lincoln. This store, www.licoriceinternational.com, has licorice from all over the world. Of course, I had to buy some; I bought from Germany and Britain.

Then it was back home and a bit of rest.

We leave here Oct 1 and go to Griff’s RV Park in Des Moines. Sarah has doctor appointments and with a clean bill of health we will be heading south on the 15th. We plan to spend a few days in the Kansas City area to visit Steve, Lynne and family. Then to the Excel service center for some minor adjustments on the camper and then head south. Our plan is to be in Mesa on or before Nov 1.

That about raps it up for this post, remember

Dreams Do Come True.

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