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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Forest Fire–Black Hills National Forest–Sheridan Lakes

Breaking News:

We have a fire raging on the other side of our lake, it began Thursday with some young people having a fire a popular swimming hole and it got away from them. It has covered 175 acres or more and the fire caused the closure of our north beach area and marina along with the campgrounds on that side of the lake. Here are some pictures of it, mostly smoke but it is my first forest fire.

DSCN5656DSCN5657DSCN5658DSCN5659If this picture could be made bigger you would see flames just above the shoreline.DSCN5661DSCN5665To the far right is the dam and a place called Dakota Point, it is a favorite fishing spot and it has a rocky cliff where the young people like to go and jump from the cliffs into the water. This is where the fire began and it has spread.

These were taken from our south boat ramp, the lake has been closed to boaters so the helicopter can dip the bucket it has beneath it into the water and then dump the water on the fire. I wasn’t able to get pictures of the helicopter because it wasn’t flying when we were taking these pictures.

We are hopeing the fire will be contained and extinguished by this weekend but we don’t know.

More in my next blog, plus I will catch on the other things we have done.

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