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Monday, January 2, 2012

Mesa Regal RV Resort

I watched Nebraska get beat today, Iowa and Iowa State lost on Friday and Wisconsin is playing now. None of the teams I wanted to win could win so maybe I shouldn’t watch football. Oh well it is still fun to watch.

We worked Tues, Weds, and Thurs last week and had Friday off giving us a five day break, we are back to our regular schedule of Wed-Fri this week. Should be busy picking up and putting away all the decorations for the Christmas/New Years parties.

New Year’s eve we went to Bob & Judy Van Cleave’s camper for the evening, their friends John & Marie were there also. We played chicken feet dominoes and a game called left, right, hold dice, I think that was the name of it. We had a great time. Sarah had a new drink, vodka flavored with a whip cream flavor and orange soda, it tasted like dream sickles, very good.

As I mentioned before we were at Colleen and Darrius’ for Christmas. One of the TV programs they watch is HDGTV house hunting etc. and I just want to say they got me interested it that channel, so now I find myself staying up watching these shows, I don’t know why but I find them interesting.

That is all for today, Sarah and I want to wish everyone a Happy and Safe and Prosperous New Year to everyone.


Dreams Do Come True.

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