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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Last Week in Omaha

We are down to our last week in Omaha, we go to Des Moines next Monday and then we start with the doctor appointments, I have five and Sarah three, but then we are done for another year.

Eli and his sisters have kept Sarah and I busy and tired. Here are some of the things we have done, more will come later.

Sarah and I went to see the Holy Family Shrine, on a day where we didn’t go into see the kids until in the afternoon. The shrine is located not to far from the campground on the south side of I 80, you get a good view of it eastbound on I 80. Here are some pictures and their website, http://www.holyfamilyshrineproject.com/. It was a great visit.

2011-09-29_12-05-59_10Inside the chapel looking out past the altar.


2011-09-29_12-11-56_7492011-09-29_12-12-04_6872011-09-29_12-16-30_8002011-09-29_12-16-42_373I really like the etching of the Holy Family in the glass. According to a panel in the visitor center this piece of glass is 16’ x 8’. It would be interesting to know how they shipped it. I’ll bet it was VERY CAREFULLY.

2011-09-29_12-29-39_7622011-09-29_12-29-45_570This is the entrance to the visitor center and the rest of the shrine.

2011-09-29_12-32-24_896T2011-09-29_12-32-33_947This is what you see from the interstate.

Since my last post we have been to  Pooley’s Pumpkin patch, this was a great place for the kids, www.pooleyspumpkinpatch.com. This pumpkin patch was not as crowded as the one we went to last year. They some animals for the kids to see and hold. The kids didn’t have to stand in line to do anything which made the visit better for the kids. We did eat there, now I know I have been accused of writing about nothing but food but this place had the best cheesecake funnel cake I have ever had. Well actually it was the first one I ever had but it was very good.

We found a Yogi Frozen yogurt store within a Scooters Coffee shop. Now if you have never had the pleasure of this type of store it is a bit different. We have been to a couple like establishments in Lenexa, KS and Rockford, Il. The yogurt is self served and is dispensed from wall mounted machines and then you put the toppings you want on the yogurt. The cost is by weight which can be a bit high if you load you cup up with heavy candies. But it is so good.

We have been able to sit with the kids a couple of times so Marie could run some errands. It is interesting to watch the three kids play together. As with Mason and Madyson it was fun to stay with the kids but I totally understand why we have our kids when we are young, I was tired at the end of the day and to be truthful Sarah worked harder than I did in playing with the kids. We have really enjoyed our visit to WI and now NE. Once we leave here it will be a while before we see them again and I am sure there will be some big changes in them when we see them next.

I am trying to learn how to build a web page, I did it once many years ago but it all seems to be more complicated now or maybe I have killed off to many brain cells and there aren’t enough left to process the instructions to build a web site.

More later.

Dreams Do Come True.

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