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Monday, October 17, 2011

Adventure for the Day

Wednesday the 12th my uncle Ernie and aunt Shirley came got us for a day of adventure. We stopped in Ashland, NE for lunch but before eating we went into artist Gene Roncka’s Gallery, www.generoncka.com. He has a photo of Ashland taken from 200 miles above the earth by Nebraska’s own astronaut Clayton C. Anderson. The Gallery is small but has some beautiful paintings, Roncka paints buildings a lot like Kincaid where the windows glow as if the lights are on in the house.

After buying some post cards, this was the only size pictures I could afford, we went to Cheri O’s Coffee House & Ice Cream Parlor, http://www.cherioscoffee.com/. The food was very good and the apple pie with ice cream was excellent. The purpose of our adventure for the day was to go to a licorice factory, then we discovered it was a place that sold licorice, this did not diminish our quest at all. But before we got to the licorice store we stopped at Baker’s Candies, http://www.bakerscandies.com/, in Greenwood, NE. They make a melt away caramel unlike any I have ever tried before. Of course I had to spend a few dollars there, they had the bridge mix I love.

Then it was off to Lincoln to see if we could find the licorice place. We did, it is a block from the Amtrak station in the Haymarket District and is know as Licorice International, www. licoriceinternational.com. Here is a copy of their brochure,

 PD_0395 PD_0394

2011-10-12_14-30-16_147This is the store. They have licorice from over 40 countries. I didn’t know licorice was made in other countries but then again I never really gave it much thought. There is an Irish Toffee licorice that is very smooth and does not have the heavy licorice taste, it is very good. Australia has several different types of licorice. I bought a couple different ones, my favorite is the chocolate cover strawberry licorice. When you go in the store you see these shelves arranged by country of origin and you can sample each licorice to make sure you like what you are buying. It was a great visit and of course I bought several different types of licorice.

2011-10-12_14-31-16_780I highly recommend the Licorice International store any time you are in the Lincoln, NE area, you won’t be disappointed.

After buying plenty of licorice we headed back to the camper and visited for a while. It was the end to a great day and visiting places we would most likely not have seen. Thank you Shirley and Ernie for the great day.

Dreams Do Come True.

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