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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Des Moines, IA Visit

As stated previously I was hesitant about the spot we chose at Cherry Glen Campground, this is a Corps park and a nice one, anyway this has turned out to be great. We have been here 9 days and have enjoyed every minute of it.

I finally got the unit level, I think, all of the indicators say we are level but I still have a feeling we are leaning to the street side a bit but I am living with that. I couldn’t get the satellite dish to hook onto the satellites so we have watched only the local channels off the regular TV antennae. It wasn’t bad but I do like my satellite dish.

Up until yesterday we have had cool weather and then it hi 87 yesterday. We sat outside all day and read. I have finished one book and half of another. One thing I have noticed is for some reason I don’t read as fast as I did when I was younger. I am not sure why but I guess I will deal with it.

Sunday was Bryon’s graduation from High School. The first of the seven grandkids to do so, the next one isn’t for twelve years so we have a while to wait. It was a very nice ceremony. Nevada High School isn’t big but they did a nice job in honoring the students. They gave out about fifteen scholarships, two of them $1,000 for four years, I was impressed by the community backing. Here are some pictures from the ceremony;

DSCN2539The stage is set.

DSCN2540Mat in the orange shirt, Tiffany next to him and Alexa next to Tiffany and long time family friend Ron next to Alexa.

DSCN2547Bryon second from the right.

DSCN2557Bryon receiving his diploma and it was signed, I checked.

DSCN2558Bryon after getting his diploma.

DSCN2570LR; Tiffany, Bryon, Alexa and Matt.

After the graduation we went to Applebee’s for dinner, Bryon had his choice of restaurant, the meal was very good and we enjoyed visiting with the kids. We were in the parking lot saying our goodbyes and the security fob on my key ring fell of the ring and crashed to the ground breaking apart. I thought I picked up all the pieces but later found out I am missing one piece. Since I thought it was broke I used the key to open the truck and this set off the alarm. I began pushing places on the circuit board and the siren would quit for a few seconds and then begin again, also the truck would not start, the system had disabled the ability to start the truck. Every time the alarm would go off I started pushing on the circuit board and for some reason a miracle happened the truck started, I thought great now we can go home. We finished our good byes and began to drive off. I didn’t get more than five feet out of the parking lot and the alarm started again, but the truck continued to run, so I pulled into another lot and removed the battery from the case. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before but I didn’t and now I use the keyless fob that came with the truck. I am going to contact Viper and see about a replacement if they aren’t too expensive.

Yesterday we sat outside all day and read. Well we did take a couple of walks down to the lake and watch the boaters battle 30 mph winds while trying to launch or remove their boats in the lake. There were a lot of jet skis on the lake and a couple boats with, what sounded like, pretty hefty motors in them. It was warm so there were a few sun worshipers out, on of them look like she was ninety and had leather like skin. I don’t understand why anyone would do that to themselves. We also took a couple of laps around the park and by evening it was nice and quite in the park. Right now there is only one other camper in our loop. I have the windows open and the birds are singing and it is great.

Tomorrow we are headed to Omaha for a couple of weeks, but we are stopping at Bob & Joe’s to have them check the propane system. Our alarm has been going off once in a while and we don’t know why, plus I smell propane when I open the doors to the propane tanks. The weather is suppose to be good tomorrow so we should have a good day of traveling.

Until later, Dreams Do Come True.

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Janie and John said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying one of the COE parks. We love them. Yesterday we tried to go to one of the state parks here and it was a disaster The way they do things is crazy and I doubt we will return to any of the state parks in the near future. Will be writing a letter to the Iowa DNR. It made me appreciate the Linn county parks and the corp parks all the more.