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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Feeling a bit better

It is Sunday already, I know that for two reasons we went to
church this morning and today was the day for the big paper. I am still not
feeling 100% but I am improving.
This past week we did not do much. Chuck, nephew, is letting
us use his extra car, he uses it for driving around town only, it has over
161,000 miles on it but we certainly appreciate his kindness. It makes me want
to have a car to drive instead of the truck but I don’t want to have Sarah
follow me and I am not going to try pulling it behind the camper. If it gets to
be a necessity, we’ll trade for a motor home and pull the car then.
We haven’t done any touristy things here, we know where the Wal-Mart’s
are and the closest mall but I haven’t felt well enough to do much of anything.
Tuesday we are taking the camper to a dealer five miles down
the road to have a propane problem checked and fixed. Then I would like to go
to the downtown area and see what they have to offer.
Thursday night Isabella, great-great niece, celebrated her
fourth birthday at Chucky Cheese; Sarah went I was not in any shape to go.
Sarah said Isabella had a good time and pictures of here looked like she was
very tired.
Friday we went to lunch with Bill & Mable, they were
heading back to Thibodaux for the weekend, we will see them on Tuesday.
Yesterday I got a burst of energy and cleaned out several
areas, consolidated a lot of items and reallocated some space. I had a bag of
office supplies, pens, posti notes etc. so I gave them to Brenda to use at the
shop. When I would go to meetings, when I was working, I took all the pens etc.
home with me; I had a lot of those and did not need them.
Last night Chuck & Cora took us to Mulate’s Cajun
Restaurant, “The Original Cajun
If you are ever in Breaux Bridge, LA and want good Cajun food
this is the place to go. It is a bit pricey but the food is very good. They
have live entertainment and a well used dance floor. I don’t dance but I did
enjoy watching all the folks dancing, especially the young lad, 7 or 8 years
old, dancing with his grandmother. Then there was the older gentleman, had to
be 80+, dancing with all the young ladies, he exhibited more energy than I have
felt in a long time. Their website is
That’s if for now I am going back to my recliner and catch
40 winks.
Dreams Do Come True.


Jessica said...

Glad that you are feeling better! :) Hope this week finds you all back to normal.

Janie and John said...

Glad you are on the mend!