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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cold Front

Another week has gone by, sometimes we forget what day of the week it is. Not much has happened this week, we have just enjoyed being around family and learning about the area from them. I won't try to replecate what is on the web but if you are interested this is a good site, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acadians.

Tuesday we took the camper to get a propane problem fixed. I searched the web and found Gauthier's RV, exit 100 in Lafayette, to be the closest to us. So we unhooked everything, I even left some items at the campground, I know most campers are honest, but..., it took us about 15 minutes to get to the dealer mostly because I had to sit and wait to make a left turn onto a busy street. We pulled up along side the bay doors and the technichian replaced the hose from the LP tank to the regulator, it was determined this was the source of the problem, it was and it new hose eliminated the noise. You see the tank made a pulsating whoosing noise whenever the furnace turned on because, it was thought, the point in the hose used to keep the tank open was not working correctly and it was opening and closing with as the gas was coming out of the tank. Anyway so far the problem is fixed and we were on our way in under an hour. I strongly recommend anyone needing RV repairs when going  through Lafayette, LA to give these folks a call, they were great.

We have gone into Mable's shop a couple of days this past week and Sarah helped with taking some inventory. Now the problem with this is as Sarah was taking inventory with Mable, she was also looking at new bras. Well guess what, she had to buy also. Oh well she looks good so it was worth it.

Thursday we came down to Thibodaux with Bill and Mable and have spent a nice weekend with them. I'm not sure it we are going back to Lafayette Monday or Tuesday but either is ok.

Last night we played a game of Po-Ke-No or at least I believe that is how it is spelled. I won, but not until the last hand. I don't enjoy a lot of the games out there but this was fun. I wasn't doing so well until I figured out I had the game card upside down, the printing should be on the bottom, and then I started winning.

There is a cold streak going through the area and is suppose to get into the 20's tonight and tomorrow night, but then it will warm up. Much better than snow.

Till later, Dreams Do Come True.


Janie and John said...

Our furnace has been making a noise too lately, John will have to check it out. Our sound in a little different but worth checking in to. Our cold front has passed and the days are actually getting warmer, hopefully the warmth will spread to you soon. Aren't you glad you aren't in the blizzard they are having back in Iowa.

Ken and Sarah said...

Janie and John,
Yes I am glad we are not north. However, we leave Thurs for WI where it is going to be a bit chilly, but we are there only 5 days.
Hope you get the furnace working properly.