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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birthdays Galore

It has been to long since I last blogged, but all we have done is go to work, come home and go to work.

I do want to wish my bride of 34 years a Happy Birthday, she is – well let’s just say she is a year older.

The highlight of the last couple weeks was going over to Omaha to celebrate birthdays, Marie’s – June 12th, Sarah’s – June 30th and Daniel July 2nd. I really hope I got those dates correct. Daniel grilled hamburgers and brats, they were great, since Emily and Isabel like the ice cream cake from DQ, so do I, I bought one of those and we devoured it. It was a fun day.

Last Sunday Tiffany, Matt and Alexa came down to see our new home. Alexa like it that is really what counts? We went to Black Market Pizza in Ankeny for supper. The pizza was very good but it took a long time to get it. They will have to step up there service level to justify the price of the pizzas.

Only 58 calendar days left to work. It will seem strange the first Monday morning not getting up to go to work, I’ll love it. Most people say I’ll get bored etc. and maybe I will be bored at times but I believe I have enough interests to keep from getting that way. With the RV lifestyle all you have to do is hook up and go to a new place with a variety of new opportunities and challenges.

We leave Friday night after work to go visit good friends Dave and Shari who are workamping in Mt Pleasant, IA. We have known these folks for all of our married life and I knew Dave before Sarah and I got married, we drove bus for Trailways out of Burlington.

We will go to visit the cemeteries where Sarah’s folks are buried, her sister Alice’s grave and where my dad is buried. I plan on seeing my aunts Millie and Marcella if they are home, I suppose I should call and warn them of my intentions on stopping by for a visit.

We went to Costco tonight to get some things for the weekend like Pub Mix, this is a mix Colleen told us about several years ago and it is great. Larry’s wife Kathy asked us to pick up some trail mix and a fruit trail mix at Costco. Since it is Sarah’s birthday today I splurged and bought her a Polish sausage at Costco, it was very good. (Just to be clear it was her choice to eat there.)

We got home and had a visit from Tiffany, Matt and Alexa; it was nice to see them.
Dave has offered to cook dinner one night so we bought two big bottles of Margarita mix all of it ready to drink. It should be a great time. We hope to see my brother Larry and wife Kathy over the weekend. Also, Mark and Beth Steingreber are suppose to come out, we saw them last in Texas in March. It will be fun to see everyone.

Reluctantly, we have to go home on Tuesday. Hopefully the weather will be nice during our visit.

Nothing more happening here, I am looking forward to this weekend. Only 58 days till retirement, Dreams Do Come True.


Janie and John said...

Happy birthday to Sarah. We almost came toward Des Moines this weekend to join my son and his girlfriend's family but it fell through. Hope your time in Mt. Pleasant is good.

Mel said...

Awww... you were in Burlington? Bummer... I would love to see you guys sometime... it's been YEARS!! I think I was just a little kid the last time we saw you.