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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Better Late than Never

I haven't kept up my blog for the last two weeks or so and with NCIS on tonight, probably a rerun, I don't know if I will get it done tonight.

It has been a fairly busy last couple of weeks. Work is the same, so we won't talk about it except to say only 80 days left.

Friday night of Memorial weekend we went to Daniel's. I wanted to go to Cabela's Friday night and Camping World on Saturday. So we first went out to eat, the kids wanted Cracker Barrel, it was a fair meal. I had the pork chop and it was way too thin. Then off to Cabela’s, I was looking for a BBQ grill and I found one. It is a Weber Go Anywhere grill, not real big but big enough for four or five people. The legs on it fold up over the top so it can be carried by the top handle. I also bought another table that rolls up and you store in a bag. I have a small one but this one is a bit bigger and very nice.

First thing Saturday morning Marie wanted to go to the beauty supply store, so off her and Sarah go. When they returned we all took off to Camping World, there were a few things we wanted to get. We ended up buying what we needed plus a couple of items I had thought about. The grandkids saw and talked their way into getting a toy camper, each. Isn’t it interesting how kids can twist us and their parents around their fingers?
Later when we got back to the house Daniel grilled some brats and hamburgers. It was great; Marie’s mom made some potato salad and Sarah made a pea salad at Daniel’s request. Both were delicious and there wasn’t much left of either. It was Isabel’s birthday, the previous Wednesday; I went to the DQ and bought Isabel’s favorite an ice cream cake. It was a great time.

We left later in the evening and arrived home about 9:30 pm.
Sunday we went over to Carl's house, he is Sarah's nephew. We had a good time visiting with them and their son Rusty was home from school. He is studying to be an RN; he is in an exhilarated program. When he graduates, in Dec 10, he will work in an ICU unit for a year and then get into a nurse anesthetist program. He will be 36 or 37 when he gets all done.

Monday we didn't do anything, we stayed at the camper. That evening Sarah's brother Bill and wife Mable came out with Cynthia and we grilled chicken breasts on my new grill. The chicken was great.

On Thursday June 3rd we left for Beloit after work. I don't know if I want to do that again or not. I really got tired going down the road. Anyway, we were going up to Mason's graduation from 4K school.

He will go into kindergarten next year. Friday night we went out to eat at the Olive Garden in Janesville, WI and had a great meal. I had stuffed chicken Marsala and it was great. We had a terrific waiter; he received a fairly good tip. After dinner we went to look at two campgrounds that are in the area. I am trying to find on that stays open into the middle of October so we can spend some time with the kids before we head south.

The two we saw only one was open until the 15th of Oct and it was expensive. I think we will probably stay at the KOA in Deforest WI for two to three weeks. We will be about an hour away from the kids but we can’t' be there every night anyway and we have other friends we can see in that area so I think this is the best one to take. The graduation was fun to watch, the kids put on a skit and sang and they put on the caps, they made them, and received their diploma, it was quite a production.

Saturday morning Mason had a baseball game so I had to go see him play. It is two early at five years old he is not a hundred percent into the game, there are too many distractions, but it was fun to watch him.

We headed home after lunch Saturday and got home about six. It was good to be home; next time we go up we will have our home with us that will be nice.

Sunday was a lazy day and then back to work yesterday morning. We got up and went to church as usual, and then we went to the grocery store where we had breakfast and did our shopping. Then it was off to the gas station to fill the car and get my free Sunday paper. I haven’t paid for a Sunday paper her in Des Moines because the Kum & Go station gives a free paper with every fill up. I am not sure why I still want the paper, except I like to read the comics. Actually most of the paper is funny there are so many ads in it to make it ludicrous. Anyway we went home and unloaded the car and got everything stored and spent the rest of the day relaxing.
I grilled some shish kabobs in the evening. While grilling, our neighbors came over and we visited until 7:30. When they left we put everything away and had something to eat.

It was back to work Monday morning and the daily grind of getting up early each morning. Only 79 days left and we will be able to get on the road. Looking forward to it.

Dreams Do Come True

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