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Friday, November 20, 2015

Veteran's Cause

As some or most of you know I am trying to raise money for t-shirts for veterans who complete chemo therapy.

This is from an email I received from the VA nurse who ordered the last batch of shirts;

"Just want to let you know I ordered 131 shirts today @ little over $9 a shirt! This company was terrific working with me. Free shipping and should arrive the first week of December. Ironically I had a flurry of emails today wondering why Lincoln and Grand Island didn't get any of the first 27 shirts we got. So I have already sent a message to them asking what their need is for shirts. I gave one to a patient today and he cried - I cried too!"

These shirts mean a lot to these veterans, it fulfills a sense of accomplishment in a time of seemingly unaccomplshments.

Please spread the word of our campaign so we can continue to buy more shirts and continue to help these veterans feel a good sense of accomplishment.

Our Go Fund Me site; https://www.gofundme.com/db7q945h

Thank you for your support.

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