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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Decided to post again, life isn't boring as I thought.

Last Saturday, July 3 was the dedication of the Mississippi Valley Veterans Memorial in Burlington, IA. Sarah and I went to Burlington, July 2, with a stop in Mt Pleasant to see Dave & Shari Frantz, then on to Burlington where we stayed with my brother Larry and wife Kathy in their new condo. (Sorry Colleen we were the first to stay there.) They have a very nice place, except I had to climb to the third floor because the elevator was being used for people moving in but I didn’t have a problem with that. The stairs are not steep, more of a gradual incline which made it easier for an old man like me. 

Larry made blueberry pancakes Saturday morning, they were very good.

We went out to dinner that night with Mark & Sharon Brueck and Larry & Kathy, went to Big Muddy’s, good place to eat.

The dedication on Saturday was well attended, I thought the ceremony was a tad bit to long but they did have a couple of tents set up to sit under. Here is a picture of the site, it really looks good in person,

They have over two thousand names on the memorial and room to add several thousand more. It is a memorial to all who have served in any of the armed forces including the Merchant Marine. The names are of the living and dead. Here is a link to their website, http://www.mvvets.org/.

Took aunts, Millie and Marcella, to church Saturday afternoon and then Millie went to dinner with us. We met Larry & Kathy and their daughter Jill and her daughter Emily at Gator’s restaurant. I don’t know if I have ever put up their website, http://www.gatorsgrillandspirits.com/.

Sunday we didn’t do much we went back out to the memorial and took some pictures, I can’t find all of the ones I took, then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Unbeknownst to me the women’s world cup was on so we got to watch some of it. I don’t understand the rules of soccer but I do enjoy watching the matches.

Monday we headed home after having breakfast at Perkins. I did get to see Ray Siefken at Perkins, I haven’t seen Ray for a lot of years. We played baseball together at Notre Dame High School my senior year there. We had a good team, 8-1 for the season, lost in the district tournament.

Tuesday I had a dental appointment, a surgical consult as they call it. They will take out the rest of the broken tooth and if no infection is present put in an implant. Now I am what you might call a BIG BABY when it comes to the dentist. I made that fact known and the young lady, the surgeon, said she would make it as painless as possible, but you know, she says, there will be some pain. Thanks a lot. Anyway surgery is scheduled for September 4, start all the pray chains now I will need them.

Thursday Sarah went to the doctor, her leg had been hurting for a couple of days, and found out she has a blood clot in her leg. The pill, Tamoxifen (sp), she takes for breast cancer has a side effect of causing blood clots. She got some medicine, expensive, but it seems to be helping, she doesn’t have the pain she had before. She will see her regular doctor Monday and hopefully he will say she can go on our train trip to Oregon, we do have a bedroom on the train so hopefully the doctor will ok the trip.

I said in my last post I wouldn’t be posting anymore because it was boring living in a house, well in light of the past week, I will recant that statement, this past week has been anything but boring.

Next post after our train trip.


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