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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Update 12/10/14

Met with my oncologist on Monday, had lab work and a CT scan, bottom line is the doctor was happy with what he saw and said he would see me in March 2015. Happy days are here and Praise the Lord.

This doesn’t mean I have no cancer, I will always have it but the chemo has taken the cancer to a level where hopefully my immune system can keep it in check, along with the shot I get every 90 days. I take one day at a time but still plan to do things in the future.

We haven’t been doing much since my last posting. We have met with friends, Norma & Orren, had Christmas with Tiffany, Matt, Bryon and Alexa. We also went out to eat with them. Great to see them, don’t get to see them that much but maybe if the treatments hold off we can do that more next year. My brother Larry and his wife Kathy came to visit right before Thanksgiving, Cynthia came over Thanksgiving Day and we all went to Ernie & Shirley’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Their boys Michael & Daniel and their families were there also. We had a great time and more food that anyone could imagine, all of it was delicious. It was a great time.

We met John & Cindi for lunch one day at Out Back Steakhouse. They are staying put this winter and not going south. We had a good time visiting, then we always have fun when we see them.

Carl & Merilee are coming to our house today and tomorrow we are heading to Texarkana, TX for nephew Eric’s wedding. It will be fun to see some of the family we haven’t seen for a while.

Not much else to report, so I’ll end this with a


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Myrddin said...

Congratulations on the good scan. That's a great Christmas present.

Happy Holidays, Jim and Linda