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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Update 08/20/14

I went to see the oncologist yesterday, had my blood work done prior to my visit, and I learned a couple things and verified others. Long story short I will most likely have a total of six chemo treatments spaced three or four weeks apart. The spacing between treatments gives my body a chance to get my blood levels back to normal. So I started my third treatment today, so far so good, it was the double chemical, etoposide and carboplatin, the next two days I get the etoposide only, I believe.

I asked about the number of treatments and he explained it this way. The first treatment you have x number of cancer cells in your body and the first treatment kills a percentage of these cells, and each successive treatment kills a lessor percentage of cancer cells so by the six treatment the percentage of cells killed is at a level where another treatment would cause more harm to the body compared to the percentage of cells killed. So they stop the treatment and basically consider the cancer in remission until scheduling testing indicates the cancer growing, then treatments begin again. So that is our plan and hopefully and with the Good Lord’s help I will get to this point.

I am tired today but I attribute that to the fact I didn’t get to bed until almost midnight and up at six this morning, so it is early to bed tonight.

Sarah is going to stay at Daniel & Marie’s tonight, Thursday and Friday nights, while they are gone on a short trip for their anniversary. So I get the whole bed to myself.

If you are in our area call and come visit, I will tell you if I don’t feel up to visitors, there are only a couple days out of the treatment cycles where I don’t feel like getting together with anyone.

So bottom line is I feel better most days than I have for over a year, the doctor seems to think I am doing good enough to say I can travel any day I want within how I feel. So we are planning a couple of trips.

Thank you for all you prayers and thoughts they really do help.


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