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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Val Vista RV Resort, Mesa, AZ


We returned from our trip north on Dec 7, it was a sad trip to attend Sarah's brother Bob's funeral but it did give us the opportunity to see a lot of people we haven't seen for quite a while. Sarah was able to visit with her aunt Helen; she was not in the best of health and passed away last week. So it was a blessing she was able to see her before she died. We also made a point to see Tiffany, Robert and Daniel and families. We had a very enjoyable time with all of them. Cynthia graciously let us stay at her place, thank you. We got to see Cairo's and had lunch with them, but I ran out of time and wasn't able to see all the people we wanted to see in Des Moines. So Russ, Candi, Laurie, Marci, Mike and Smokey D's we will have to wait to visit with you all in April. We did manage to put 1300 miles in the rental car before we left Saturday Dec 7. We flew Southwest and had good flights both ways, I don't really like to fly much anymore, but I will try to fly Southwest again, they were very friendly and on time.

Since we got back we have been working very hard in the Decor team for Cal-Am. Actually, I believe the job is a bit more organized this time because quite a bit of the decorations etc. are in a warehouse setting and we aren't moving things around like we did two years ago. We also don't have to do any demolition, which is a time saver and is a better utilization of workers. Again, this year we have a great bunch of people working in the team. I don't know how Mikki knows a couple will fit when, for most of them, she just talks to them on the phone, but she does a great job of getting the right mix and we do have fun.

Steve & Teresa had us over for dinner Dec 8, Steve fixed vegetable soup, Steve is a very good cook and the soup was delicious. They invited another couple Chief, he is a full blood Iroquois I believe and I apologize but I don't remember his wife's name. It was a great evening.

Sarah got a new pair of glasses at Costco after we arrived here to replace the ones she broke in her fall in Kansas. After we got back from Iowa, she was still having issues with them so we went back to Costco and the technician did some adjusting and so far, she hasn't complained about them, so hopefully the glasses are fixed and she can again enjoy reading.

I got my flu shot the week before Christmas. I had called the VA Clinic here and asked if it was possible to get the shot and they said come in whenever I could, so we headed out to the clinic. I put the address into the car's gps and away we go. I am not sure what the gps was thinking but it took us out to the east Deseret and took us to a dead end road. I took out my phone and looked up the address on Google maps and we were ten miles or so to far east, so we headed back and found the clinic. I had to register with the clinic and can use it for medical needs other than annual physical or to refill prescriptions, this is fine with me, so I am classified with them as a traveling veteran, which I am.

This past week and next week we work Mon, Thurs and Fri because of Christmas and New Years day. We were invited to my sister Colleen's for Christmas; it is always fun going to their home. Darrius' sister Debbie came up from Tucson and was staying there also. Colleen, Sarah and I went to mass Christmas Eve, the mass started at four but we got to the church a few minutes after three to be able to get a seat. There were well over a thousand people there with a couple hundred standing in the back. Christmas day we went over to my niece Angela and husband Tyler's house to be there when Delaney, Kendall and Kylie, great nieces, opened their gifts. They are attending the University of Arizona in Tucson, http://www.arizona.edu/ it has a great campus. The girls received quite a few gifts mostly clothes but all befitting a college girl. Delaney graduates next May from the nursing program and has applied for graduate school in nursing. Kendall and Kylie are in their first year but are either considered sophomores or juniors, I do know they will graduate in three or three and a half years in the majors of engineering, IT and marketing, I don't remember which one is in what major. I do know they are graduating a lot faster than I did, forty years faster. Anyway, they are very smart and beautiful young women who have a great future ahead of them.

Christmas afternoon the gang came over to Colleen and Darrius' for dinner. Darrius put a prime rib on the grill and it was absolutely one of the best prime ribs I have ever had, and there was salad and mashed potatoes, green beans and a couple bottles of very good wine. The meal was exquisite. Tyler's folks Linda and Stan Stratton from Burlington were there also. I found out Linda was related to Jones the barber, my dad used to take us kids there to get our hair cut and she was related to Francis Jones who lived next door to the house I grew up in. What a small world we had a great visit. Stan and Linda are a fun couple, they bought a house somewhere in the Mesa area so we will get together with them again.

I probably forgot something, so until later

Dreams Do Come True

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