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Our Home

Friday, November 15, 2013

Val Vista RV Resort, Mesa, AZ

We have been here for over two weeks and enjoying every minute of it.

Our first week here we reconnected with folks we knew from our previous stay here, did some shopping and reacquainting ourselves of the area. We also made a visit to the doctor to have Sarah’s knee checked out, she had fallen and it still hurt. It is getting progressively better so she is mending well.

Work is exactly as we expected. Sarah is working in the costume shop, which has been enlarged but is still too small, I doubt they could have a big enough space. I am working on the truck and enjoying it. Cal-Am bought a strip mall just outside the entrance to Mesa Regal RV Resort and this has given the d├ęcor team, which we are, part of, the opportunity to consolidate a lot of the decorations and props. Again, there isn’t enough space here to consolidate all but we are getting many of the items in the building, the excise will be housed in three storage containers.

Mikki, our boss, does a good job of hiring people to work on the team. We have another good group this year. Tonight is the welcoming party for team members, I am glad we all have name tags, at my brain age is old and I have a tough time remembering everyone’s name, although by April I have mastered most of them.

I am trying to decide whether to try to hook up with a local TV and internet service or keep what we have. Our internet service is through Mellincom.com it is a monthly, no contract, service. I can cancel and restart anytime I want without a big penalty, a $19 restart fee is all I pay. I get 20 GB per month for $70; the service is through a Verizon Mifi unit at 4G. It is a good deal for us because I can start or stop the service on the first of any month. We will have to see what I can find if anything with a good deal.

Bill & Ludella, friends from our last stay here, called last week and wanted to know if we wanted to go look at motor homes, so we did.

Now, as expected, this area is loaded with camper sales lots. We managed to look at three different lots and did see a couple of units we thought would work for us. I still want to look at more lots because the selection is enormous and there will be a bigger selection in Feb and Mar. So, if we find something we like we may trade or may stay with what we have for a while.

Here is a picture of our site:


We fit everything onto the site, I wish they would get rid of the tree, there is no fruit on it, I think it is an orange tree. I have asked that it be trimmed but that hasn’t happened yet.

Veteran’s Day is always a good day and this year it was no different. The day before Veteran’s Day Sarah and I went to have a free lunch, for me a veteran, at Bar Louie in Tempe, AZ. We both had hamburgers and they were very good. I had expected a long line etc. and there were maybe ten people in the whole place. So we had an enjoyable meal.

Next, we went to the Verizon so I could have them fax the paperwork needed to validate my discount. Let me begin at the beginning. I received a letter from Verizon in September saying I had until Oct 21 to validate my employment. Since I am not employed anymore I called them and said as such, I told them I have a veteran’s discount and since I was validated as a veteran once why do I need to do that again, since once a veteran always a veteran. They said I still needed to do it. After four attempts of trying to validate my status, I get someone who tells me the owner of the account is a Mark User. Who is Mark User, I asked? I had no idea and neither did Verizon. So the person at Verizon changed the name of the owner to my name and I figured that would be the end of it. Not quite, I checked the status a couple days later and the account still wasn’t validated. I talked with a supervisor in the validation department and she said to get it all corrected she needed to create a new account record, I said ok, so she asked me some questions and then she said I would have to fax my discharge papers to her to validate the account, that is how we ended up at the Verizon store. This did end on a good note, the supervisor called me the account had been validated and because I am a veteran, I would not have to validate again.

I understand validating those who are working or not a veteran because employment status can change and a person may or may not be eligible for a discount. As for retirees, there are other discounts available to them. Anyway, it took a month and a half but I succeeded.

So we are settled in for the next five months and we are going to enjoy the sites of the area and visit some of the places we didn’t see the last time we were here.

Take care and Dreams Do Come True

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