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Our Home

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Des Moines, IA 11/27/12

Cynthia headed for brother Bill’s in Louisiana for Thanksgiving, she left early Thanksgiving morning and was in New Orleans by noon. She flew from here to Atlanta and then to New Orleans, changed time zones twice that might get confusing.

We had a great Thanksgiving, thanks to Norma & Orren, they invited us to their house for dinner and their son Gentry, wife Christa and their three kids, Cali, Zane and Reece ( I hope I spelled everyone’s name right). There was more than enough to eat and of course, I ate too much, but hey, it was Thanksgiving. Norma set leftovers home with us too, I love leftovers.

There are times when Orren buys a new gadget and doesn’t hook it up for a while, well Gentry hooked up the new Blue Ray player to the internet and we watched some You Tube videos on the TV. I got to thinking; I have a Blue Ray player and an internet savvy TV so when I got home I messed with them until I was able to get internet on both.

We spent all day Friday reading and listening to music from Pandora radio on the TV. The wonders of technology.

Saturday we ventured to North Liberty and Carl & Merilee’s, we missed seeing Amy and family but did get to see Steve & Lynne and family. We also got to see Rusty; he is a surgical nurse at one of the hospitals in Omaha. He was moving on Sunday and invited me to help him but alas, I had to decline for fear of killing myself. Daniel helped him though. He got an apartment within a block of the hospital he works at so he doesn’t have to battle the traffic to and from work. We had a nice visit; I even ate a few of Merilee’s brownies and pumpkin bars, delicious.

Sarah gets tired easily so we left around four and headed home. We had planned to go to Omaha Monday to look at the model of the townhouse we made an offer on but the realtors could not get together then so we decided to go on Sunday.

We went to early church and headed west, arriving at Daniel’s about 11:40, they had just gotten back from a week with Marie’s brother in Colorado so they didn’t want to go with us to see the model.

Our appointment was for 12:30 and we were a couple of minutes late, I misjudged the time it would take to drive from Daniel’s house.

We wanted to go through the house again to make sure we didn’t want to do any upgrades to it. We also found out the developer had been out of the country and therefore did not sign our offer etc. and the price was now 5k higher on our home. We resubmitted the paperwork with only a 2k increase so we will see what happens.

I hadn’t thought about it but the storm in the northeast is causing the price of building materials to increase and in some cases skyrocket out of sight. We are adding insulation to the interior walls for noise reduction purposes and were quoted $820 but that number could go up by the time they install it. We believe that even with the higher prices it is still a buyer’s market with low real estate values and even lower interest rates.

Our visit reinforced our decision to buy now, even if we don’t spend a lot of time in it for a couple more years, I feel comfortable knowing Sarah has a place to go to if something happens to me or one of us becomes incapacitated in any way.

Tomorrow Sarah has her second chemo treatment of Adriamycin and Cytoxan, so we know she will be tired and not be able to do anything for a few days. We went to the store yesterday and bought food we know she will be able to eat, mostly bland and soft foods. Today Sarah met Bridget Pagulski, a friend of a friend Debbie Mason, who Sarah has been talking to on the phone and via email. Bridget has just finished her treatments for breast cancer and since it was the same drugs, as Sarah will have, she knows all about what to experience. They met at Panera Bread and talked for over an hour, Sarah says it was great to meet her and she learned a lot of what to do and not to do. Sarah has a difficult time saying yes to people helping her but she is beginning to get better at it. That’s what I am for, I see myself as Mr. Belvidere, the manservant, at least until Sarah has gotten through all of this, actually she’ll probably like it so much she won’t let me out of the role. Oh well, I am glad to do it.

We are going to see the new Bond movie this afternoon with Norma & Orren, the last big hurrah before the treatment.

So until later, Dreams Do Come True

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