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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gretna, NE

We made it. We spent Tuesday night at the KOA in Salina, KS, nice park we have stayed there before. They are working on upgrading the sites, our site had three sewer hookups on each site, at least you don't have to have three sewer hoses to hook up. Yesterday morning I wanted to head for Gretna but it rained all night and I didn't know if it was going to continue to do so all morning. We lucked out and had a break in the rain so we broke camp and headed out. Of course in unhooking sewer, water and electric I sank four inches into the mud. Oh well we are here and looking forward to seeing the grand kids this morning.

All is well. We had a great trip from AZ, head winds all the way. I need to fuel the truck so I can get an accurate cost for fuel. Although there was the one fuel stop where I inadvertently selected the farm diesel and had a great rate of $3.75 per gallon, but once I noticed my mistake I cut it off and only got 10 gal pumped. It shouldn't skew the numbers to bad.

We have a minny Cain family reunion this weekend here so we have to get busy. Need some supplies from Wally world.

Dreams Do Come True

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Janie and John said...

With our extended fuel tank when we filled up at Albuquerque, the bill was $250 and we were still a little short of full. The price is a little better here in Arizona but not much.