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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mesa Regal RV Resort

March 1st, where did the time go? It doesn’t feel like we have been here four months, we leave April 1st heading for Omaha, then Des Moines. Lots of things to do, people to see in a short period of time.

I know my kids, and some others, think I talk about food too much. Well, to bad because here I go again. A week ago we went to a restaurant in Phoenix called Rustler’s Rooste, http://www.rustlersrooste.com/. We met Nikki, Jack and Meredith there, I have to get a picture of the three of them, and Terry and Nina Kletting were there also. Terry works for Penske, use to work for Ruan, and he was in town for their annual sales meeting. It was great to see them, I don’t believe I have seen either one for over twenty years they haven’t change a bit, 2012-02-21_18-31-47_295. The food was good but the conversation was even better, it was a great time. They even had an indoor slide for the kids, I am glad they didn’t get a picture of me sliding down it, actually that was the easy part, trying to get back on my feet at the bottom proved to be the most difficult task.

Went to the movie last Saturday and saw This Means War with Reese Witherspoon, it was funny and entertaining, it won’t win any Oscars but it was fun to see.

I took the truck in for an oil change on Monday, I got a birthday deal, half price during my birthday month. When I got home I noticed something wedged between the bug deflector and the hood, it was the oil filler cap. The first thing I thought about was oil all over the engine, it didn’t happen, but I did call the service advisor and informed him of what I found. I need to have the transmission serviced before we leave so I think I will remind him of what happened on the oil and have them check the oil just so they know I am watching them. I doubt it will make much difference but I feel better doing that.

Monday night we went to the Arizona Opry, http://azopry.com/, it was a great evening. We went friends, Bill & Luddella, it was the Rock n Roll and Country show, about half and half. The performers are great, I could have sat and listen to them all night. It was a dinner show, the dinner was chicken, mash potatoes, gravy, coleslaw, dressing, roll and cake, the portions were big so no one went away hungry.

Each of the performers play multiple instruments and all do it very well. The music director of the show and the lead singer is George Staerkel who was the lead singer for the Tokens and sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, which he sang. I bought some of their CDs and George, we are on a first name basis, except I don’t believe I told him my name, oh well, signed on of them for Sarah.

Linda Carter, Wonder Woman for the whenever, had a show at one of the other resorts, we could have gone but decided not to. I heard the show was pretty good and for a 61 year old she still looks good. Marie Osmond is coming to one of the resorts later this month but we are going to skip that one also.

That’s about all for now and Dreams Do Come True.

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