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Our Home

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mesa Regal RV Resort

We are half way through our stay here and I have to admit I REALLY like it here. I have been remiss in my blogging so here goes to try to catch up on what we have been up to.

I will begin where I left off, which was going on the boat ride on Canyon Lake. Our workweek does not change, it is Wed-Fri afternoons and I like this schedule. Therefore, unless something interesting happens at work I won’t talk about it.

On Saturday Jan 21st we went to Steve & Teresa Heede Steve & Teresa Heede, John & Cindi Cline, John & Cindi Cline went with us, Steve likes to cook and so we all chipped in and he bought a pork loin, I believe that is what it was, and cooked it, we all brought a side dish to go with the pork. Now I have had good pork before and Steve’s rates right up there with the best. He did a great job on it, we all took some of the leftovers and I am telling you the pork was as good or maybe a bit better latter the next week. We had a great time, we even had Blue Bunny ice cream, and John retired from Blue Bunny after 30+ years so he will not eat any other. So I am asking all of you when you buy ice cream buy Blue Bunny, I want John to keep getting his retirement checks.

On Monday, John & Kathy Evans, from Griff’s RV Park in Altoona, IA, were in town to go to Camping World and we met them for lunch at Midwestern Meats. They are staying at http://www.sundance1rv.com/intro.html in Casa Grande, AZ. We had a great lunch and a great time visiting with them. We are planning to visit them in the next couple of weeks; John says the area is a great place to watch skydivers.

On Thursday the 26th, Sarah’s sister Cynthia,  came into town for a visit. We rode the light rail out to the airport stop and got off and Cynthia rode the shuttle bus over to the rail stop. The city is building a rail system in the airport, which connects to the light rail system by a walkway over the street. I guess that will do away with the shuttle bus ride. Anyway, it was great to see Cynthia. She stayed with us in the camper. Sarah and I had to work Friday morning but Cynthia knew a couple who winter at Good Life Resort and they came over to pick her up for the day.

We rented a Ford Escape at Enterprise, I prefer them they have the neighborhood locations and are very competitive. I had never driven an Escape before and it proved to be a good ride. We took off Saturday morning for Tucson to see the ladies’ brother Bob and his wife Judy; they winter at, http://www.tucsonvillage.com/, a very nice park. I believe they have around 600 sites, mostly park models, plus all of the amenities. Cynthia stayed at the park model and Sarah & I stayed with Darrius’ sister Deb at her townhouse in north Tucson. We really like her townhouse, it is in a gated community with pool and clubhouse, http://www.55places.com/arizona/communities/mona-lisa-village, it is a 55+ community.

We came home Sunday afternoon, with a stop somewhere on I-10 for ice cream. The weather was perfect and Sarah wore Cynthia out with walking around the park. Tuesday we had a short meeting to go to for work, other than that we hung around the area. Cynthia’s flight was for eight that evening, so we rode the light rail to the airport stop and walked the shuttle bus stop and with hugs, she was on her way back to Iowa. We hope she will make this an annual trek and stay longer the next time.

We had a mishap at work, Steve, John, Mickey and I were tearing out the bath of a new storage unit we were going to be using when Steve ripped open his left arm on a piece of broken mirror. We went to an Urgent Care facility only to be told they don’t do emergency work, they told us where the closest emergency room was and we headed for it. He had cut the muscle and it took a bunch of stitches by the time the doc had him all sewed up. He will be fine in a couple of weeks but Steve is an avid mountain biker and this has slowed him down a bit.

We went to Colleen & Darrius’ for the super bowl game, spent the night and came home this morning. Tyler, Angela and the kids were there. Good game, Sarah won some money and the food was great. We always have a good time going to their home. Darrius makes a great Bloody Mary.

I have some chores to do, one is clean the camper roof and I don’t know if I will do it or hire it done but it does need it. I also bought a device, which replaces the caps on the batteries, and has a tube attached to it to facilitate putting water in the batteries. For me to check the batteries I have to remove them and that is more of a chore than I want so hopefully this will let me fill the batteries without making it a big job. One of the lights over the kitchen island is burned out so I went to replace it and I can’t get the bulb out, so I am going to take it down and see what I can do, that should be interesting.

I did accomplish something today, I finished a James Patterson book Hide and Seek, it was a pretty good book, I did not guess the ending, it surprised me, and I didn’t look either.

That’s all for now. Remember – Dream Do Come True.

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Janie and John said...

Glad to hear you are still liking your job and location.