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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More from Wisconsin

Where does the time go? We have been in Wisconsin for two and half weeks and it seems like we just arrived except it isn’t 110 in the shade.

We are staying at Hidden Valley RV Resort, you probably already know that, in Milton, WI. http://hiddenvalleyrvresort.com/2011-08-02_07-54-54_1072011-08-02_08-07-46_625

The entrance to the park has this guard shack which is only manned on Friday and Saturday because on those two days they charge five dollars per person to get into the park. I suppose it is to compensate the campground for visitors coming in and using the facilities. In the other picture our camper is the second to last camper in the picture, you probably can’t see it but it is there.

Sarah gets me out to walk two to three times a day, weather permitting. If we walk the circumference of the park it is one mile and if we walk to the entrance of the park we add another half mile so we can get in some nice walks. I do try to go at least twice a day but I have made it three times.

One of our goals in staying here for the month, in addition to being with the kids, is to see folks we knew when we lived in Marshall, WI.

Our first visitors were Jim and Jo Aubuchon. Jim and I were in the Air Force together, roommates when we were stationed at Dyess AFB, Abilene, TX. We had some good time there from 1965 to 1967. I went to Vietnam in ‘67 and Jim went to Thailand a few months later. Jo is still working, Jim retired from JC Penny Distribution in Milwaukee a few years back and now works part time at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee as a guide, http://www.harley-davidson.com/wcm/Content/Pages/HD_Museum/Museum.jsp.

Robert and Sarah asked us if we could watch Mason & Madyson a couple of days, we said yes and signed on to be with the kids for seven days. I know why you have kids when you are young because they wear you out. It is fun to be with them, I love their imagination. One day they were riding around the garage on their bikes and whatever when Mason pulls up next to me and says I want a hamburger and coke, he decided I was a McDonald’s, so I said “you want fries with that?”. After a couple of times doing that after he placed his order and paid me I told him to go to the next window, the business had grown so we used two windows for the transactions.

Max & Diana Varner were coming to visit but Diana’s mother fell and she had to go be with her, we wish her well and a speedy recovery, but Max came out to visit. Max was my boss at Ruan when we lived in WI. It was a pleasure working for and with him. Currently Max is Northern Zone Distribution Manager for Air LIquide. It was good to see him. We had a good visit and he said he was going to try to bring Diana out to see the camper. We look forward to seeing her. We went out for a bite to eat and Max bought, thank you Max.

Next was another Ruan friend Roger Mason and his wife Debbie. Roger was sales manager for Max and our region. Roger has always looked ten years younger than he is and that still holds true today. Debbie doesn’t look any older than the last time I saw her, they make a great looking couple. Roger is currently working for Ruan again after a few year hiatus with another company, he is Sr. Vice-President  of Sales for Ruan Transport. Roger picked up the dinner tab and for that we thank you. It was great to see both Roger and Debbie and hopefully it won’t be so long the next time.

Joyce Knapton is one of the nicest person you would ever want to meet, although she won’t let Wayne join us for lunch. Joyce lived down the street from us in Marshall, she works for the state of WI in the vital records office, not quite sure what she does but she has been doing that job for 17 years and has been with the state for 30+ years. We met here for lunch at Francesca’s al Lago Restaurant, http://www.miafrancesca.com/static.asp?path=3092. If you are ever in Madison this is a great place to eat, the food is very good and it is right across the street from the capital building. We had a great lunch and caught up on family and friends.

We have a couple more folks to get together with, if we can find mutually free time. Friday we are going to Chicago to a Cub – Cardinal game, that should be fun. We are riding the train from Harvard, IL to Irving Park and then a Metro bus to within a couple of blocks of Wrigley field. That will be a fun time.

A couple pictures of the kids to close out this blog:

2011-08-11_13-04-38_246Madyson in a pose2011-08-14_14-36-11_947Mason, just normal and I think a bit cold.

Until later, Dreams Do Come True

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Janie and John said...

Glad you are enjoying Wisconsin. Don't think we will make it there until late September.