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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another week down - Five to go

This past week was the same as all the others, we had no tours at work, we came home walked when we could, that is when it wasn't raining. We have had so much rain the lakes and rivers are out of their banks and making life miserable for a lot of people. In fact the rain prevented us from going to visit my mother in Centerville, she called and said they had closed roads so we decided to delay or visit by a week. Lake Rathbun has doubled in size and has flooded a lot of the area. So we will go visit next week.

Since we didn't go to Centerville we decided to get some things done around here. We had to go to the bank because on the form I had them fill out to have my pension direct deposited they put the wrong routing number on the form. As we were getting ready to go we received a call from Carl & Merilee, they wanted to come over. Actually, as Carl put it they were going out to breakfast or come see us. They came over to see us.

We had an hour so we went to the bank and Menard's before they got here. I am looking into buying a ladder, one that makes into a step ladder and an extension ladder, I have a space of four feet I can store one in the back of the truck. I didn't find what I wanted at Menard's so I will look at Lowe's and Home Depot this week.

Carl & Merilee arrived a little after eleven, they had not seen our camper yet so we showed them around, took about three minutes. Since everyone was hungry we went out to eat, we had been there once before, it was good food and service. It was a bit noisy but we enjoyed ourselves. After lunch we stopped at Shorewood RV in Ankeny to look at the motorhomes they had on the lot. There was a Tiffin 40' motorhome that I thought was great, nice floor plan, interior and paint job on the outside. We had to get gas so I stopped at Hy-Vee to get my three cent discount, I had to buy a paper to get the discount, the paper cost fifty cents and my discount was forty three cents. I guess I didn't need to buy the paper. Then we went to the local DQ and had a blizzard, it wss great. It didn't do my diet any good but it seems most of what I am eating lately isn't good for my diet.

We returned home and Cynthia, Sarah's sister, came out to see Carl & Merilee. It was nice to see her and she stayed for an hour or so.

After Cynthia left, she was going dancing, we decided it was time to eat again. Sarah had been told about a Mexican restaurant in Altoona so we thought we would give it a try. It wasn't to bad, price was reasonable and the service quick.

After Carl & Merilee left we joined some neighbors at there camper and visited and did a bit of drinking. About nine the mosquitoes were beging to bite and half the group went inside their campers. We went over to Dick and Judy's and continued our visit and did a bit more drinking. We called in a night sometime after ten.

This morning we got up and went to church, the grocery store and home. While Sarah did the laundry I put a ham, onions, green beans and potatoes in the crockpot and read the paper. About three I decided to exercise the truck. I started it and decided to put fuel in it, I haven't fueled it since we got back from Mt. Pleasant. Sarah went with me so we drove the truck a bit. I was very pleased by the 9.44 mpg we got. That is an mpg or two lower than we got with the F350 but we are pulling a heavier trailer now.

Anyway the rest of today was spent reading, watching NCIS, and taking a walk.

The weather today was absolutely beautiful, blue sky, very little wind and mid eighties. The perfect day.

Dreams Do Come True.

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